In 1986, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources placed the Saintpaulia on their list

of endangered species, as well as among the twelve most endangered plant species on our planet.

There is an urgent need to act to protect, safeguard and conserve these original plants!


Several species of the genus Saintpaulia have been found near Mount Kilimanjaro, the border between Tanzania and Kenya.


* S. teitensis (tee-eye-ten-sis).

Meaning: drawn from the region of its provenance, Teita Hills in Kenya at an altitude of 1500m. Discovered by Boy Joanna in 1938 and described by B. L. Burt in 1958. It is one of the species found most north of the African continent.



* S. teitensis

The description of its natural environment is not very precise. She would grow in a forest near the water. This could explain the amount of moss found around the plant.


* Saintpaulia Spp.

As this photo was taken in Kenya and only 4 species of this genus were found, it could be S. teitensis or

S. Kacharoni, since the other two,

S. Mwache and S. rupicolus, are plants with multiple crowns.

 * Photos de S. teitensis and Saintpaulia Spp. : Gerard D. Hertel, West Chester University,

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