Test your knowledge

Before going further into your visit, just for fun, check here your basic knowledge of this amazing plant. You will be surprised at how much she is still more than you can imagine!


1. What is the origin of this plant?


2. What family is the African violet?


3. The botanical name Saintpaulia has been given to the African violet in honor of whom?


4. What are the most common colors of flowers of African violet?


5. In your opinion, how many varieties of African violets we can find?


6. Is it necessary to repot your violet regularly?


7. How often should you water African violets?



1. Central Africa, Tanzania and Kenya

2. Gesneriads

3. Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire

4. Lilac pale to very dark purple

5. More than 50 000

6. Yes, absolutely. Standard for 6 months and mini / semi-mini to 3 or 4 months

7. If necessary

8. At each watering at the rate of 1/8 to 1/4 c. Coffee per gallon of water