Classification of Species of genus Saintpaulia


For several years, we estimated the number of species of the genus Saintpaulia to be about twenty. Recently, DNA studies on these plants were made and that research led to an entirely new classification adopted in January 2009. There are now 9 species (8 subspecies with 2 varieties) 69 clones for a total of 78 plants.


There are two collections in the list from which certain plants. Uppsala Collection from the University in Sweden, and the Mather Collection in honor of Mrs. Silva Mather.


Then, just recently, in 2015, new, more advanced molecular DNA studies made further changes to the 2009 list. These last edits are rather minor compared to the first changes in 2009.



Let's first look at the 2009 list to understand the latest changes made in 2015. I've made this list with color codes to help you spot species, subspecies and clones.


9 species8 subspecies including 2 varieties and |69 clones