Great family Gesneriaceae

The large family Gesneriaceae, which include the African Violet, has 146 genera and over 2400 species.


Plants of this family can have one of three root systems types.


Fibrous roots such as African violet,

Aeschynanthus, Chirita, Codonanthe, Columnea, Episcia, Gesneria, Nematanthus, Streptocarpus.


Scaly rhizomes as types:

Achimenes, Gloxinia, Kohleria, Smithiantha.


And tuberous roots or bulb plants such as the following types:

Chrysothemis, Nautilocalix, Sinningia.


All these names and more are what are called "genus" of the family Gesneriaceae. Each of these genus have their own wildlife as well as hybrid contemporaries.


Kohleria Peridots Rolo

Petrocosmea Minor

Primulina Tamiana       Episcia Tropical Topaz       Streptocarpus Hototoghisu