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    Family Malzer / Kleinwalsertal (mardi, 02 juin 2015 04:26)

    We love your pics of flowers. your african violet is very nice to look at it. Greeting from Austria. Keep up your homepage.

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    Solmonte: impianto fotovoltaico (lundi, 13 avril 2015 06:31)

    Hi, nice website ;-)

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    Eileen Szoke, S.C. (samedi, 09 août 2014 16:54)

    Francine, you did a great job on this book - an abundance of information on species & trailers - plus. Beautiful pictures. I love the pictures on your web site also. This is a great contribution to all of us who love the African violets.
    Thank you

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    Ted Brown (mardi, 29 juillet 2014 11:20)

    This is much more than just a very beautiful book. The information covers many areas not found in other readings on African violets. I have found the information regarding trailers very useful. Reading about the species plants has made me vow to acquire some for my collection. Thank you Francine for writing such a wonderful book.

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    Simon Earl (dimanche, 02 février 2014 17:24)

    I grew up on a farm called St. Paul in Natal, South Africa. My grandfather bought it from Baroness von St. Paul-Illaire in 1925. She was Walter's brother and eloped from Germany with their groom, Mr Mereis. They built the house we grew up in. There is a large oak tree planted by the Baroness in the garden. The seedling was from their home in Germany and was apparently brought by Walter from Canada. We called it the Canadian swamp oak. It is still there, as is my family. My father bought a farm nearby and called it Illaire. I live in BC and have my flock of St. Paulia.

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    Stephanie Griffith, Philadelphia, PA (vendredi, 27 décembre 2013 13:59)

    What a treasure trove of information! It is clear Francine Pilon worked diligently on this complicated subject. The photos and illustrations augment the text wonderfully. This is a must read for every African violet enthusiast.

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    Joe Shaw (lundi, 04 juin 2012 14:59)

    I enjoy this Website a lot. I enjoy reading about the botany of Saintpaulia. Great site.

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    Pat Wegner (vendredi, 25 mai 2012 08:23)

    I just finished reading my copy of your book. Francine you wrote an excellent book.I had been wanting to purchase a book on Afican Violets for a long time,but never really found the right one for me,now I did.Loved all of the pictures.

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    Eileen McGrath (lundi, 27 juin 2011)

    Can't wait for the english version of the book Francine,