African violets trailers are totally unknown to the public and are unfortunately not much appreciated in the middle. There are very few African violet enthusiasts who grow these plants. Yet they are beautiful and know to be very generous in their flowering.


The characteristic of trailing is a genetic trait inherited from the wild plants. Just over half of the plants origin have this particular feature. These are plants that make themselves more heads or branches, or crown, and all this from a main head. For some fans beginners, it is difficult to differentiate between a sucker or an offspring that is found on a single African violet crowned, and a new crown on trailer. In this case, the name of the variety is enough to distinguish the type of plant we have in hand.


Do not think you have found an African violet trailer in the market if the plant on which you set your devoted you seem well stocked. You will rather put their hands on a single crown with several lovers. African violets trailers are only find in clubs or exhibitions of African violets.

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