Meet the author

Here are the events where you will have the opportunity to meet the author of the book Saintpaulia. The book, French and English version will be available at these events at a special price. 


Tuesday, April 5  2016   7:30PM

Conference in French



Conference on the new classification of the genus Saintpaulia


For this conference, we will this time focus on the new classification of these plants. We dissect this famous list that has confused more than one to better understand to use it. We will see some general elements on the domestic cultivation of these wild plants and the importance of continuing to use them in hybridization, as they still have plenty of treasure to reveal.


Société des Saintpaulia de Montréal

Jardin botanique de Montréal, 4101, Shebrooke Est, Montréal

Information : (514) 990-5701