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The history and origins of the African Violet


 Discover its family and species. Learn how to grow these small plants with an extraordinary potential and get acquainted with the leaser known varieties, the African violet trailers.


Francine Pilon

English version published by the author

English & French version are available only from the author

190 pages JUNE 2012

ISBN 978-2-981317-40-7




Size: 8,5'' x 10,5''

Pages: 190

Color photos: Over 300

Illustrations: 100

Tables: A dozen


The text of the back cover is written by Jeff Smith, holds a Ph. D. in Botany. He is a well-known and highly appreciated in the African violet world. Author of several articles on genetic research on these plants, he is also a columnist of the Research Section in the African Violet Magazine.


More details on the contents of the Book

The book is divided into two main sections comprising seven chapters. The first is dedicated to the history from the 13th century to the present and an introduction to each wild type species following the most recent classification of January 2009. The second covers all the requirements for succesfull culture as well as a section devoted to Africain violet trailers and shows. The information will be found to be complete, simple and relevant to all levels of growing expertise. With all the information accumulated during the 14 years of research, this book will become a reference for fanciers and an essential tool for everyone desiring to discover this little plant of undeniable potential.


Chapter 1

History and origins of the African violet

Gesneriaceae family

History of the Africain violet from the thirteenth century to the present

Story of Baron Walter von St. Paul-Illaire

Original lands of the African violet and rainforests

Species of the genus Saintpaulia


Chapter 2

Species of the genus Saintpaulia

Table of species of the genus Saintpaulia, April 2007

New classification according to Dr. Iain Darbyshire

Notes on Mather and Uppsala Collections

Genetic studies in Saintpaulia

Different type of hair leaf

Description of the following species list of Dr. Darbyshire


Chapter 3

The Cultivation of African violets

Anatomy of the African violet

Flowers and leaves design

Special notes on “Bustle” foliage and types of “wasps” flowers

Different varieties of African violets

Special notes on micros, miniatures and semi-miniatures


Various methods of reproduction

Temperature, Lighting, Watering, Fertilizers, Containers, Loams and pH and Potting


Chapter 4

Pests and diseases

Preventive measures





Chapter 5



Separating seedlings

Features and specifications dominant/recessive


Chapter 6

The African violet Trailers

Varieties of African violets Trailers and terms “Trailing” and “Semi Trailing”

Three shapes of trailing African violets

Appropriate container for Trailers

Potting Trailers

Special care for Trailers

Multiplication of Trailers

Flowering Trailers


Chapter 7


African Violet Society of America

Familiarizing yourself with the Shows

Scale of points and prices


African Violet Clubs and other associations




Photo Credits




In memory of Mrs. Silva Mather, who was an inspiration to me. Her passion for the preservation of this small plant can be felt through her writings and has encouraged me to persevere in the completion of writing this book.


To all those who are close to me in the African violet world and who have expressed an interest in the protection of the species of this genus and for growing African violets trailers.


And finally, to all plant lovers and lovers of our planet. I hope this book brings to all of you as much satisfaction as I've had throughout this fantastic adventure.


Photo: Mrs. Silva Mather during her visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, 1980

Special thanks for this photo from the daughters of Mrs. Mather, Annie and Caroline Mather.

It was a privilege for me to receive this photo. (© Copyright)





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